Camino de Santiago – Spain 2018

We’ve come to call our annual Camino trip “The Magic Carpet Ride” because the Camino brings its own special magic.  Walking along this ancient pilgrimage route connects you to the beauty of nature, the thousands who’ve walked before (and with) you, and to your inner nature.

The Walk

St James shell .Navarra.SpainThis year, our adventure begins in Madrid before heading into Galicia in Northwestern Spain, where we will walk 108 kilometers into Santiago de Compostela along the ancient pilgrimage route, the Camino Frances. From Santiago we drive out to the coast, the one-time “end of the earth,” before heading back to Santiago and home.  We walk for 6 days, finishing in Santiago de Compostela, where we’ll attend the famous Pilgrim’s Mass (and may even get to see the famous 125-pound incense burner swing). Find your own pace and peace. We will help you with the path.  Leave the details and the worries to us. Give us your baggage and your troubles.  We will tend them and return them to you, lighter than you brought them.

The Details

Dates:  Specific 2018 Dates TBD

Cost:  $5800 US, double occupancy

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The Hosts

Susan-BaghdadiSUSAN BAGHDADI:  I’m a shiny-thing-seeking, ADD-riddled Gemini; a chameleon, a cultural shape-shifter, living in many countries among a variety of cultures.  I deeply love and enjoy many people, places, practices, philosophies and things and long to be in near constant contact with them.  Each year for the past five years, I’ve invited friends, colleagues, coaches and collectivists (secret writers, dancers, singers, story-tellers, scientists, magicians, lovers, high priestesses and emperors) from every corner of the planet to gather in a magical Celtic land to perform an ancient ritual: walking to Santiago and letting go of it all at “the End of the Earth.” This year will be my sixth time walking The Way!  As a result of these journeys, every so often I catch a sidelong glimpse of the whole of my life in its beautiful totality – like an intricate Persian carpet stretched out before me –  and I have the courage to climb aboard the magic carpet; to take a “next step” and be transported into what is emerging.

Betsy-RapoportBETSY RAPOPORT:  I’ve spent more than 30 years editing and writing books and magazine articles and nearly 10 coaching.  As a writer, editor and Certified Martha Beck Master Life Coach, I understand that we are profoundly narrative creatures.  My guess is that you’re telling yourself a lot of stories – about what you can’t have, what you don’t deserve, what you can’tbe – that simply aren’t true.  So let’s hit the road and rewrite the narrative to reveal the real you.  Because when you come from that place of authenticity, you can achieve your greatest goals – and give your greatest gifts to the rest of the world. This will be my fourth time walking The Way! The first time, I arrived with a lot of questions and decision points.  Walking for hours in nature each day – through sheep-stippled meadows, overgrown Middle Earth forests, shimmering olive groves, golden wheat fields, and more – I allowed myself to absorb the answers I needed through the soles of my feet.  It was a deeply spiritual, transformative experience.  Walking with my fellow “caministas,” I laughed my ass off, and forged fabulous new friendships.  I felt rinsed clean, ready for new beginnings.

Victoria-SilasVICTORIA SILAS:  I’m a facilitator and knowledge seeker with a dual nature.  Positioned at the pinnacle of modern medicine as an orthopedic surgeon, yet not feeling satisfied.  So I trained as a Martha Beck life coach to investigate a different way of healing, only to find myself back where I started, but finally more at peace.  I’ve spent years trying to reconcile my logical Western medical self with my romantic dreamer self.  But instead of trying to sabotage one into the other, I now choose to embrace both.  I’ve actually always been charmed by paradox and dichotomy, reveling in the radiance of their oppositional complexity.  Traveling (and planning for travel) is one of my preferred paths to relaxation and recharging.  Exploring different environments and cultures allows the doors and windows of possibility to open up, while my energy settles down to right here, right this moment.  This will be my fifth time walking The Way!  With its historical context, simple pleasures and global community, the Way of St. James really can be a path to heaven, as was once proclaimed by the medieval church.  (Although that heaven is a lot more fun than they suggested, and the rules are a lot more relaxed.)