Finding Peace Amidst the Noise – Phoenix, AZ

In these uncertain times, it’s more important than ever that we find peace within ourselves.  Meditation, prayer, stillness…the labyrinth is a place in which we can practice them all.   The labyrinth is also a giant metaphor – how you walk it is symbolic of how you “walk” through your life.

What could fall away if you practiced being more intentional?

What could you welcome into your life if you slowed down your pace?

How would you be different in your community as a result?

Join us for a workshop to explore these questions and more!    Using the labyrinth, we’ll explore the Hero’s Journey (think: Joseph Campbell), setting off into the unknown, letting go, experiencing twists and turns, receiving what we most need, and returning to our communities, changed for having set out on the path.

During the workshop, you will

  • Learn more about labyrinths – where to find them, and how to use them as a tool for meditation and contemplation.
  • Walk in community – use the body as a moving prayer, still the mind, and experience the impact of a committed group setting out on a shared expereince.
  • Feel the power of the Three R’s:  Release, Receive and Return – you’ll be guided through a physical as well as symbolic process that can become an intentional, daily ritual whether walking a labyrinth or just walking through your day.
  • Create a Labyrinth Prayer Piece – similar in purpose to a mala or rosary, it’s a tangible representation of the stages of a labyrinth journey (and life’s) to support your contemplative practice:

A sample – yours will be unique!

Learn the meaning and metaphysical properties of various stones, along with the spiritual healing lore.

Be led through a personally intuitive process in which you’ll choose the perfect stones for your piece.

Learn to design and assemble your Prayer Piece, creating a meaningful piece unique to your personal journey in bringing forth all you’re meant to create in the world.

Leave with a talisman that will forever anchor you to your labyrinth experience.

Want to Know More?  Listen Up!

Listen to our conversation about how and why we’re hosting this event, the event’s flow, and what you’ll experience.

Meet Your Hosts

Christina Brandt is a master coach, a teacher and mentor of coaches, and a Veriditas-certified labyrinth facilitator. She’s a firm believer in the healing power deep within each of us, which provides all the information we need to live peaceful and abundant lives. Using the labyrinth, a tool that helps us slow down and tap into stillness, she guides walkers in a journey to their own center.  Learn more about Christina here.

Mary McEvilly-Hernandez is a Master Certified Coach and Jewelry Designer who loves to invent opportunities that combine both her passions.  Words and stones have energy.  When worn on the body, these symbols can ground encourage and empower us.  This inspired Mary to create Intentional Jewelry Design.  As an Executive Resiliency Coach, Mary helps people in positions of authority to thrive in stressful professional environments. Learn more about Mary here.

The Details

DATE:  Saturday, October 21, 2017  – 9:00am – 5:00pm

LOCATION:  Unity of Phoenix Spiritual Center, 1500 East Greenway Parkway, Phoenix, AZ 85022

INVESTMENT:  Includes lunch, snacks and beverages as well as supplies for Prayer Piece


EARLY BIRD:  $195 – If you register by September 30

ONE FOR ME, ONE FOR A FRIEND:  $175 each when you register for two people

I’LL DECIDE IN OCTOBER:  $225 to register between October 1 and October 19 (no on-site registration)

Note:  Sometimes, despite our best efforts, Pay Pal buttons are just wonky.  If you have trouble registering, email Christina and she’ll get you squared away. 

Feedback from Previous Events

“Thank you for such a wonderful workshop today in NYC!!! I loved finding my center in the labyrinth in the midst of NYC’s frenetic pace with such a great group of women! xoxo” – Natalie

“I am so honored to have experienced your magical labyrinth walk with you.  Your facilitation is superb and your questions deep.  It was more than I expected and I am so happy that I did it.  Please do more of these workshops.” – Indrani