Wage Peace

www.walkingwithyourdivineself.comWalking with my divine self continues to be quite a journey.  Lately, it’s meant learning how to wage peace instead of war. Let me tell you, there are days when it’s pretty damned tough – annoying drivers, political candidates, and people who just don’t get it…oh, wait.  Look where the focus is:  it’s on the outside.  Waging peace starts as an inside job.

For all the f-bombs that get said in the car when idiot drivers cut me off, I’m saying double to myself.  Maybe the words are a little different, but the judgment is no less harsh.  I’m down on myself about what I should be doing, what I shouldn’t be doing, what I can’t do, what I won’t do…it’s exhausting, trying to live up to the impossible standards I set for myself.  It’s time to let the judgmental crap go.

There’s a question I’ve begun to ask myself when I get stressed out:  What would peace have you do in this moment?  

Seriously.  What would bring more peace?  Is it peaceful to tell myself I’m lazy, or unsuccessful, or unattractive?  Nuh-uh.

Our mission here on this planet is to learn how to walk with our divine selves.  To learn how to love more fully and deeply, starting with ourselves.  To recognize and honor the divine that resides in us, always.  To rise into our full majesty as a human beings, expressing love and compassion, and leaving the world better than we found it.  How could waging war on ourselves ever fit into that mission?  Let’s all wage peace instead.

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