Labyrinth Card Deck I


These cards were created as a tool for your spiritual journey, in the labyrinth or elsewhere. Divided into three categories – Release, Receive and Return – the cards can be used to:

Gain Clarity – Focus on one card’s question or prompt and walk with it, or journal about it.

Create a Mantra – Find a card that speaks to you and create a mantra for your walk.

Explore Receiving – Let a Receive card help you get what you need.

Set Intentions – For your walk or for your return to “everyday life” after a walk.

Prompt Discussion – This deck is a good tool to use with a group of walkers.

Be Surprised – Randomly draw a card and see the question that calls to you!

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Walking With Your Divine Self – A Pilgrimage to Inner Peace

In Walking a Sacred Path:  Rediscovering the Labyrinth as a Spiritual Practice, Lauren Artress describes the mystical Threefold Path.  She says “The three stages that define the sequence, the process we experience as an ever-deepening sense of union with the Divine, are Purgation Illumination and Union.  The hope is for self-knowledge and knowledge of one’s relationship with the Divine.  This is the path that is energetically embedded in the labyrinth design.” *

Purgation, or RELEASING, occurs when leaving behind the known – our everyday life – to begin a journey.  As we walk, we let go of the mind chatter, we ask for release from our worries and cares, and we become still.

Illumination, or RECEIVING, takes place when we connect.  That connection might be with the sounds around us, with the beings on the path with us, or with the Divine.  It might be profound, or not.  There might be a clear message, or not.  When we open ourselves to experiencing whatever is at hand, we receive what we need.

Union, or RETURNING, is what happens when we integrate what we’ve experienced on our journey.  We go into our lives and our communities – and interact differently – for having walked the path.

As a facilitator of labyrinth experiences, I repeatedly find myself working with the “Three R’s,” as described above.  I wanted to create a tool that would give walkers – in the labyrinth or on any other intentional walk – a means to connect with their experience in a deeper way.  I hope you’ll enjoy using these cards!

*from “Walking a Sacred Path,” Copyright 1995, 2006 by Lauren Artress, Riverhead Books

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