Labyrinth Card Deck II


These cards were created as a tool for your spiritual journey, in the labyrinth or elsewhere.  Containing one word per card, they can be used to:

Notice – Let the cards cascade, and notice which word surfaces.  Does the word describe a situation in your life, or bring clarity when applied to something that’s troubling you?

Gain Insight – Focus on the word on one card, randomly drawn.  Walk in the labyrinth with it, or use it as a journaling prompt.

Create a Mantra – Find a card that speaks to you and use the word as a mantra for your walk or your day.

Prompt Discussion –  This deck is a good tool to use with a group of walkers, allowing them to share insights from their walks (and cards).

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Walking With Your Divine Self – A Pilgrimage to Inner Peace

When creating this follow-up to the first deck of cards here in the Store, I decided to keep things really simple.  There’s so much vying for our attention these days, so the “less is more” approach felt right. This deck contains 52 cards, each holding only one word. 

Here’s how I suggest you use them:

Before setting off on a labyrinth walk, hold the deck photo side up and choose a card at random.  Or, turn the deck over and scan the cards until you’re drawn to a particular card.

Trust that whichever card you find has a gift for you, even if it’s not apparent at this moment.

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