Here’s what workshop participants have to say:

“Chris is a gifted guide, facilitating you through the labyrinth walk.  While this sounds simple, it is not.  She holds space in a way that allows for a powerful group connection and a profound interpersonal experience.  This is for anyone and everyone who wants to feel more connected to oneself and others.  It truly is a sacred encounter that you won’t ever forget!” – Lisa

“Walking the labyrinth with Christina as a guide is not an experience easily explained.  I walked in to the moment with no expectations and would have been happy if all that happened was a lovely candle lit meditation, Christina’s amazing warmth, and the company of way-finders.  But what happened was that I stepped into my soul in a deeper way than I’d done before, and connected to my spirit who provided an answer to a question I hadn’t realized I was still asking…had been asking my entire life in this realm.  I left with peace, understanding and comfort that has stayed with me for all the days since.  If you have the opportunity to share this experience with your tribe, with Christina as a guide, you should take it.  I’ll be with you in spirit.” – Tia

“I walked my first ‘intentional’ labyrinth with Christina in San Diego, and it kind of changed my life, inspiring me to start incorporating the Labyrinth into my coaching practice and life in general…Christina, I’m sending you a huge thank you for your introduction to the magic that is the Labyrinth.” – Bridgette

“A beautiful day and a wonderful way to bring peace to your soul. Thank you Chris for introducing me to a new way to center all those thoughts flying around in my head … better than yoga!” – Janet

“Just a quick note to thank you for the wonderful labyrinth experience. I have walked labyrinths before and found your story as well as the way you had us walk this labyrinth to be incredibly powerful. While I don’t have a labyrinth in my yard, I did make a huge spiral out of crystals and minerals (and other stones) I found on my property. Even though I have walked it as if it were a labyrinth many times before, after your program, it was so very powerful. Messages came to me immediately and prolifically. I don’t know what you opened up in me, but wanted you to know I am grateful for your presence and the gifts you bring to this world… Thank you again!” – Sheppard

“Thank you so much Chris for creating this divine space. I was so surprised when the urge to dance and stretch my wings came over me. The altar with the powerful owl felt like a huge heart space. Again, thank you, I can’t wait for next time.” – Sigrid

“I loved this. Thank you for sharing this experience. I have referred back to it so many times already. It really gave me some clarity.” – Donna

“I have become enchanted with Labyrinths since my first exposure at your session at the Summit. Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience.” –  Amy

“Thank you so much–your labyrinth walk at the Summit was one of the key moments in this journey for me (my intention was to release my fears and accept my vision, which really seemed to take!).” – Jennifer

“My summit lesson came to be loud and clear from the labyrinth. I rushed my way to the center. I was purposeful and single minded almost to the exclusion of others. Steadfast in my course. Stayed as long as I wanted. Resisted the urge to step aside or feel guilty taking up the space. I soaked it up. Reveled in it. As I exited I felt the need for connection. The message I got ‘You can always come back.'” – Felicia

“Thank you Chris for the healing labyrinth!  Life changing for sure.” – Ann

“I’m so glad I did this!  Thank you for creating this space!” – Deborah