I led a group of walkers in the labyrinth at Morningstar Lutheran Church.  It was in the 40’s and people were bundled up tight.  This intrepid group came because they wanted to feel the power of peace that came over them in prior walks.  The “newbies” were there because their friend said the labyrinth, Read More

The labyrinth is a beautiful way to slow down.  Following a single path as it winds toward the center and back out, the mind gets usually becomes quieter.  Our pace often changes.  Whatever happens, we’re changed a bit for having walked. If you’ve never walked a labyrinth before, here are some resources to get you, Read More

I spend lots of time talking with people about what their best lives would look like.  On the surface they’re searching for things like a new career, or a new home, or a new relationship. Some want to write a book or build a new company.  Others want to volunteer for a worthy non-profit., Read More

I’ve started using my finger labyrinth to walk each morning while enjoying my garden.  It’s a grounding ritual, calming me for the day ahead when a “regular” walk on a labyrinth isn’t convenient.  This morning, I got lost.  While tracing my finger in the grooves of the path, I somehow ended up in the, Read More

Last week, I hosted a labyrinth walk in Austin, TX.  Twenty-two people made their way along the winding path of my portable labyrinth. Some were walking slowly, some backwards, some dancing, some twirling.  Some were crying, some were laughing.  All were moved during their pilgrimage in JW Grand Salon 3-4 at the JW Marriott, Read More

“…walk with love and reverence.”  I love that. What could the world look like if we all walked with our divine selves in love and reverence, starting right now? What if we stopped creating straight-ahead, never-to-be-veered-from paths for ourselves and our thinking? What if we just accepted that our paths are sometimes narrow, sometimes crooked,, Read More

Walking with my divine self continues to be quite a journey.  Lately, it’s meant learning how to wage peace instead of war. Let me tell you, there are days when it’s pretty damned tough – annoying drivers, political candidates, and people who just don’t get it…oh, wait.  Look where the focus is:  it’s on, Read More

When I imagine the upcoming Gathering of Wayfinders, I picture a very large group of shiny, happy people who are my tribe.  We’re all bringing our divine, silly, funny, just a tad messed up, wrinkly, goofy, boisterous selves to hear Martha Beck talk about her latest book.  It’s gonna be a blast.  And it’s gonna to, Read More

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved travel.  My parents and I would drive seven miles from our home to New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) on a Sunday afternoon and we’d sit on the outdoor rooftop terrace and watch the planes take off.  (You could do that back in the 60’s!)  We’d look, Read More